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tv   [untitled]    October 7, 2010 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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>> lierse the general manager right here. thank you. it this is a meeting of the recreation and park cobb commission. >> commissioner buell. commissioner harrison. boneniia. >> present. >> lee. >> here. >> martin. i know commissioner lev ton is on her way. >> i'll make a couple of general announcements. the ringing of cell phones and electronic devices are prohibited a the the meeting. we may remove anyone responsible
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for the sound producing devices. in order to have a fass tilt driven meeting, you may sign a blue card. each person may have two minutes to speak on each item. let's proceed. >> address your comments to the commission during public comments on items, in order to allow equal time for all, neither commission nor staff will answer questions during public comment. the commission may ask questions of staff after public comment is closed. we're on item number 2, which is the president's report. >> thank you. >> i like to ask ernestine waters weis to please stand and come forward.
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i'm going to read something. this is the san francisco recreation and park commission certificate of appreciation to yweis throughwaters her leadership after the queark and the ensuing demolition of the freeway she initiated a transfer of the underlining, blocks two 0 -- 202 and 203 to the rec croo park department. her tireless efforts with community groups resulted in the creation of the park then known as ferry park. as open space in perpetuity protecting and preserving this valuable land from development for the benefit of future generations. signed on thursday october 7th, 2010, mark buell president.
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[applause] >> on behalf of my family that couldn't be here today and all of the wonderful individuals and community groups and friends, i want -- i want to thank you mark buell and everyone connected,
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you too margaret for the certificate of appreciation and for the creation of ferry park. it will be eternally remembered. i will be eternally grateful for this. i appreciate this so much on this day october 7th. thank you. thank you. >> let me make a couple of other announcements. one as you all know, we have been faced with receive bucket cuts. and -- budget cuts. the department never knows how much that will be but we know it is going to happen. that forced us to look at two options in how we balance the budget, one is to let people go. that translates into gardners and reaction center directors and other staff. it means generating new revenue in the course of coming up with
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proposals to generate new revenue, it implies change in the parks. if i have learned anything in the last eight months, everyone wants to weigh in on the parks and they all have an opinion about them and how they operate and how they treasure them. anytime we propose to make changes and there's an item on the agenda that will reflect that. we're going to get enormous community comment. it is incumbent on the department more so than ever to reach out to the community and try to get input in a constructive and dependable way. i'm suggesting today and there's an item on the agenda that rather than hold two meetings each month for the recreation and park department that we go to one meeting per month except in budget cycles. then we'll have special meetings on the budget. but two additional days added to the commission hearings. these will be committees that will be formed and give the
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public an opportunity to come and comment on items before they get to the commission for approval. so that it won't be the day of an item to be hearing the possible's input. there will be outreach in advance of that. there's a chance in a public arena to voice your opinions on issues in front of committees of the commission and this will be three members of the commission. if we have four it becomes an official body that -- that has to act and these will be committees. we have a zoo committee already. there will be two additional committees. there's a capital committee and operations committee. this is one step further in giving public notice of items agendaed and giving them an opportunity to speak without the consequence of it being acted upon that day. that in -- one of the desires beyond the public input will be that it gives staff a chance to
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get more input so items may be modified to reflect community input before they reach the commission for final approval. so with that, i'm going to ask commissioner boneniia to weigh in on this because she inspired me to move in this direction and we'll speak later when it is on the agenda. >> thank you so much for this opportunity. during my first term we had this subcommittee structure in place and -- i was of the strong belief then and i am now that it served the public very, very well. and with -- would it al -- it allowed us to have that maybe we don't have as much of now and that is -- to -- it allowed us to get input and buy-in from the communeity -- from the -- from the onset as opposed to after
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the fact. it also -- also allowed for the for the community or the public to drive the process in terms of the -- in terms of the problem solving, the ideas for revenue generating, the -- the needs, the priority needs. i'm delighted that -- that -- that the president of the commission -- has taken my input seriously and is -- and it -- will work towards -- and have -- is actually encouraging all of us to work toward implementing the new process. that said i think it'll be
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incumbent on all of you to make every effort possible to go to the other committee mets and to -- and for you to make your comments early on and make sure that your comments are institutionized early on and that we have that staff and the commissioners have an opportunity to to explore your to look at your views and to explore how we take those views and -- you know in terms of doing the business of the of the department. >> let me make a couple of other announcementses about what is being proposed. the capital committee would meet on the first wednesday of every month at 2:00 p.m. items before the capital committee would be those capital
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improvements. the operations com miltity would meet on the first thursday of each month at 2:00. items before the operations committee would be everything that is nonzoo related and noncapital related. the committees would be audio taped. the action that is occur in the committee would be posted online and recorded on the commission phone. we're not required to to do minutes of the meeting but there would be audio tape and those actions you would see reflected on the on the site. let's see. if an item goes to the full commission calendar, staff would need to note what occurred. they could amend and improve hopefully that process. the committee chairs i'm going to ask to weigh in at commission meetings. and report back. the full commission would meet
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on the third thursday at each month at 2:00. and s.f.g.t.v. felt they could televise the full commission mets at that time. would they televise the committee meetings? we don't know the answer to that. it occurs to me that normally if we get a -- a seventh commissioner appointed or reappointed that that barrings my position, there's six other commissioners. i'm also proposing that two each serve on the committees and that i would volunteer to be the third person on the committees but not the chair of any of them. we would expect the other commissioners to take an active role in that. commissioners to role in that. that would not put an undue burden on any one commissioners and i don't think increase the word load but district it
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differently. the last -- distribute it differently. the last about getting input and outreach is at the neighborhood park council meeting it was determined with the may -- mayor this last year, the neighborhood park council volunteered to be the convener of four meetings a year with the department and the public in four different locations in san francisco. we opted to accept that invitation, because we thought again given the budget restraints and the idea that change is going to take place and it never is easy that these meetings would be very productive. i'll characterize them as a listening tour, to hear what is going on, and it is possible that it is also an opportunity to tell the public what kind of challenges we're facing and what kind of solutions we're thinking about. it is not designed as a vehicle
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to go to the community and tell you what we're doing, it is designed to listen to what you have to say and respond with the department's thinking. i want it to be taken in that vein. with that, that concludes those parts. harrison, a comment? >> do you want them now or at item 12? >> i think if we -- at item 12. we'll get everybody on the same page at the same time. the only other thing i wanted to say i was impressed with the opening of the kimbell playground and i think that happened after the last meeting. so i think that is geary and steiner. geary and pierce. i would recommend to anybody that wants to see a really wonderfully restored play facility, fields and and right across the street from our newly renovated swimming pool, swimming facility that i
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recommended to everybody. with that let's move on with the agenda. >> any other public comment on the president's report? please come forward. >> two minutes. >> will the meetings be lelled this this room, the committee meetings? >> yes. >> any other public comment under the president's report? being none, public comment is closed for an item number three which is the general manager's report. >> good afternoon coom missioners. a few items to report. in addition to our second opening of our citi fields project at chem bell which is a spectacular facility, i have other things to brief you on. back to rec 23450eu9. we had 3500 people flock to the rec center and swimming pool.
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when we started the open house at 33 swimming pools across the city. they were receiving information on how they could become more involved at their own rec facility. i personally stopped by a half a dozen sites on a two-hour tour. including lovey and mission which alone had more than 250 visitors playing sports and enjoying arts and crafts and enjoying barbecue. this was a very successful event that allowed us to connect with the community and provide information and outreach about our diverse range of programming. it is going to be a annual event every fall. hardly strictly bluegrass. >> as you know the past weekend, music lovers were treated to the 10th annual bluegrass festival courtesy of warren hellmann and the most popular acts in the world.
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as you know, we have been lucky and blessed to be able to enjoy the gift for over a decade. an estimated half million people visited golden gate park during the concert. on saturday, mr. hellmann joined newsom on stage to announce another gift to the city. a nearly $75,000 gift for irrigation systems, where our irrigation systems are ant waited and unfortunately have been subject to vandism. and it will have improved fishingancy and access for the meadows to the public. i like to offer just the biggest thank you to mr. hellmann for what ah become a, special, special, special event. every year we improve our partnership with the event producers, don holiday and we make improvements every single year in how the event functions and we're in the process of
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debriefing this year. we felt very good about the work that we did with them. >> as was reported, a bit of frustrating news to share. the nine-hole golf course was subject to senselings vandism. the green holes were damaged by a vehicle with the seventh green in particular destroyed, literally beyond all recognition. on monday night, we were actually revisited and the vandals were more brazen in their acts, this time bringing out kens and setting up a basically off-road course. to drive around. we have been working closely with the san francisco police department to identify and arrest -- try to arrest those responsible. we're asking the public and all of our park users to remain vinllant and report cyst suspicious activity. 666-4000. or the anonymous tipline.
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575-4444. the public can also send a text message to tip 411. early estimates are the damages total $75,000 and maybe as high as $100,000. again, as you noted, mr. bureblings that's money our department doesn't have. as we all know, we're in a tim of severely stretched resources. any dollars that we have to devote our attention to repairing damage, it is time and energy and resources taken away from our other valuable assets. we'll keep you posted on new developments. p.p.c., p.g.a. i should note before i go in this item that the p.g.a. was wonderfully responsive to the incident that -- at the nine hole golf course and volunteered assistance and are looking into other ways they could support the repair and rebuild of this very affordable and very
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accessible nine hole beginning golf course. i want to thank them for their support. according to section 6.1 of the approved management agreement between the city and the tournament players club, p.p.c. was required to enter into a contract with first p, for that organization's operation at harding, first p has been at harding for a long time. this is a relatively standard kemper had the same operation with first tee out at harding. i want you to know that happened and that there's a copy of the agreement in your binder if you have any questions. as you know, the first tee is a nn profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of our city's kids through golf by providing a host of training and education programs. sportsman square garage. commissioner lee you asked for an you know date on lease negotiations. i'm happy to report the negotiations are going well. we're still negotiating about a couple of points. we expect that -- that a -- a
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tentative agreement will go before the board. a week from today and before this commission, the week -- first week in november. delores park bathrooms. i know we got another issue brewing. but i thought e i -- i would report in direct response to the -- to the feedback we have gotten and some of the -- of my own personal observations and the mission district community's request for additional facilities at delores park, we placed six toilets there on a long-term basis. in the past we have been trying to get together extra restroom resources and extra porta potties based on special events and a high population weekend but the truth of the matter is that -- the delores park community deserves more resources this issue is quite
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powerful, i know. that right now we only have one men's room and one women's rest room and we need to recognize the fact that this park is very loved. starting this week there will be six porta potties out there. joe dimaggio e.i.r. as you know we're excited about the opportunity to to renovate the playground. it is part of a large irproject with the san francisco branch library bond project. our playground renovation would be funded largely through, we hope, state grants through proposition 84. it is a project we're excited
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about. it has been before you a couple of times for discussion, but i just -- the planning commission is actually currently hearing public comment on the e.i.r. literally as we speak. we'll keep you posted -- as things develop. public meetings. a public meeting will be held this saturday from noon to 1:00 to solicit support for the tennis complex. this is an exciting opportunity for one of the city's -- for a pro shop tennis less operation at the tennis complex. a request for proposals is scheduled to go before the rec and park commission on october 21st. another public meeting at the visitation valley clubhouse, next thursday october 14th at 6:00, our department will host a meeting to discuss the agency strategy to keep our city's clubhouses activated in the face
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of current budget challenges. ultimately we're hoping to issue a request for proposals seekaling neighborhood groups to occupy clubhouses and offer programming to adults and youth of all ages. the clubhouses that will be top tick of discussion will be the valley and lewis sutter and kiouga. scare grove. on october 22nd from 4:00 until 9:00 p.m., our department in partnership with the san francisco parks trust will host our second annual scare grovel event at stern grove. last year was our first foray into hosting a halloween event. it proved to be incredibly successful. this year again, we're offering families a variety of attractions including carnival rides, giant inflatables, hayrides, haunted house and live entertainment and food for sale.
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it is $8 per person and families can depind out about ticket purchases by calling 831-600 or going to lastly fall religion jation. we split our fall programming session into two components, a september, session one, which was the month of september to late august and september to align with the new early start of school. we have much fuller programming beginning this month. so tall session two registration is under way. the first week i'm proud to announce that we already processed 4,000 registrations and the combined session one and session two, we got over 5,000 program participants in -- for classes and programs. we continue to encourage everyone to visit us to scomplour our catalog of classes. we have fan traffic programming being offered this fall for --
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for everyone of all ages of all interests and we encourage you to get out and play. that concludes the general manager's report. >> constitution. >> commissioner lee, did you get your question answered? >> go ahead. i too was dismayed -- displayed with what happened at the golden gate golf course. if you consider -- consider it was $75,000, the cost of the daniel is $75,000 and up, so it basically neg gates it. i wonder if we could get a message to the user groups and the people that work with us monitor and be vigilant with the park. it seems like we have beep hit three or four times already in the last year and -- we really need our partners to help us. >> thank you commissioner. >> yes. we are articulating that message
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every chance we get. we can't do it alone. we are blessed with -- with tremendous support and loyalty in all of our parks. we do have -- look. this is a small number of people that are impacting the park experience that is so vital to the rest of us. it is unfortunate. our park system is not immune unfortunately from the challenges of urban living and the challenges that this city faces generally. but it is -- it is very, very frustrating and very upsetting. we're range. we're really angry. we encourage everybody to keep their eyes out and open and to report what you see and -- we're just so grateful that we have as many passionate and loyal park stewards who actually support us to the good, with last year over 128,000 hours of volunteer time
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for example. but the few can do a lot of damage. and we -- we view all of our parks as very sacred assets and they're incredibly vital to the health and well-being of san franciscans and an incredible part of our overall, what makes the city special to residents and visitors alike. it needs to stop. do i want to thank the san francisco police department in ways which are apparent and ways which are very quiet and unapparent. our partnership with the san francisco police department has -- has really never been stronger and -- i do feel comfortable that they're -- they're doing everything they can to investigate and resolve incidents that have happened and they're also working with us to help prevent future incidents. >> thank you. let me make a couple of other comments before i forget it. i mentioned the neighborhood park council outreach. but i think i faild


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